The Family Difference

Family is our Priority

A Family of Leaders

Hi! I’m Amy Applebaum. I’d like to introduce you to the family! There are 4 owners that operate the business day to day:


CEO and Head Honcho.

Some call him the “Legend.” We love him and he’s taught us everything we know. And… he’s our Dad.


VP of Customer Service and Production.

All roads lead to Laura. Laura has been with Alpacka from inception. She knows everything about our business so you can expect her to be surrounded by those seeking answers all day, every day.


President and COO.

Self-appointed leader of the free world - Amy is the company’s driving force helping grow the company three times over in the last 2 years.


Facilities Manager, and Cruise Director

Matthew moves freely through the business supporting the launch of new sites and new business while making everybody laugh.

How We Began

Before Alpacka, we were all involved in commerce of some sort.

Me (Amy) - 20 years of helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. My Dad owned several manufacturing and distribution companies over 30 years. Laura ran operations for the family businesses. Matt built and ran multiple service-based businesses. My dad sold his business in 2015 and realized that the skills developed through his distribution companies could be very valuable to others. With that, Laura and Mike launched Alpacka. As the business grew, it needed more talent. That’s when my hubby and I joined the team. Together we have grown the business many times over in the last few years.

The Family Difference

My dad has been running his own business since he was 18 years old.

He taught us from an early age how to make our own way in the world so that we could be fully independent. To teach us how to do that, he brought us into his companies. From teaching us to sell bug spray at the County Fair, to mentoring us to create and run our own businesses and everything in between, we always did it together. So working with family is just what we do. It’s what we know. It’s what we love. To us, family is fun. Family is committed. Family takes care of each other. And - interesting fact - studies show that enterprises run by families are, overall, more successful.

The Rest of The Family

Our Staff

We’ve been truly fortunate with our staff. They've become part of our extended family. Somehow, we’ve instilled in them the same pride in workmanship that's at the heart of all we do. They take care because we take care and vice versa. Our team is hard-working and dedicated. Some of our employees are family too.

The Pups

I would be remiss if I forgot Ollie and Marley. They may have four legs instead of two, but they're part of the family, too!

Then...there’s “Al”

He's fun and fabulous, and he reminds us every day of the “heart” side of our fulfillment company. The care that goes into every package we handle, every day

Anyway... that’s us. We look forward to learning more about you in the hopes that you will join our family.


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