Kitting and Fulfillment Projects

Medical Device Company B2B

Swag & Literature Welcome Kits

We maintain collateral material for 500+ sales reps across the country - distributing literature packets and sample kits through our online client portal. We also support their conventions by housing, inspecting and distributing trade show materials and booths.

High End Chocolatier B2B

Gift Sets

We kit and package, gift wrap and distribute thousands of units for one of the Bay Area’s premier chocolatiers.

Universities & Museums B2B

Welcome Kits

We kit various multi-sku welcome kits for Universities and Museums throughout the Bay Area.

University & Tech Companies B2B

Tablet Configuration

We configure tablets for multiple tech and scholastic institutions.

Health Company B2C

Subscription Health Kits

We support a subscription based, digital, physical therapy company. We assemble, kit, and QC 9 unique kit variations each week. Each kit requires multiple sub-assemblies and multi-point tablet configuration. We deploy 20,000+ units each month to 20,000+ locations.

National Retailer B2B

Advent Calendar

Assembled 150,000 advent calendars for one of the biggest retailers in the country.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer B2B

Box Job

For one of the largest medical equipment companies in the U.S., we assemble boxes and add foam inserts - 100,000 units per month.

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