Meet Al - Trusted Fulfillment Service

Our Beloved Mascot

Meet Al

He is an Alpaca and is considered a trusted service and pack animal around the world. He is our inspiration... reminding us daily that people entrust us with their customers and to take care of their product like it was our own.

Paying it Forward

As entrepreneurs, we understand the value of creating success and believe it is our duty to pay it forward.

To do that we have chosen to equip underprivileged communities of people with the tools and resources they need to create success for themselves.

So, on behalf of every one of our customers, we donate a portion of our profits, in their name, to contribute to the communities creating economies in places where there were none before.

This contribution is being made through Heifer International - we share their vision “to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities.