Order Fulfillment

Taking 3PL to the Next Level

Speed and accuracy are clearly crucial in our business.

With a success rate of 99.8%, which is higher than the industry standard of 97%, you can see we take this very seriously. But that’s only part of our business model. Alpacka takes fulfillment one step further with extra attention to detail.

Using modern software and technology,

Alpacka is able to manage the logistics of your project, using all the advantages of a big warehouse with the added benefit of personalized attention. Once you’ve chosen us to handle your fulfillment, we set up your project in our system according to your exacting standards. We arrange with you to house your products in our warehouse until they’re ready to ship. From the time they arrive in our facility until they are on their way to your customers, your products are meticulously tracked so we know – and you can see, too – where everything is at every stage.

Accuracy. Speed.
On time, every time.

Success Rates:



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