It's time to send your product packing

Our Easy 4-Step Process

01. Receive & Store

We receive orders from you either into our warehouse management system, which integrates with the customer’s shopping cart (via Shopify) or through a CSV file you create and forward to us.

02. Pick

We pick the products off the shelves with the help of scanners to ensure we choose the right sku/item. Using the latest warehouse set-ups and picking procedure allows us to pick quickly and accurately.

03. Pack

We bring the product to the pack station and prepare your package with care per your specifications.

04. Ship

The package ships to your customer via the appropriate carrier (DHL, USPS, UPS, FedEx, TL, LTL).

The Alpacka Difference

Speed and accuracy are clearly crucial in our business

With a success rate of 99.8% -- higher than the industry standard of 97% -- we clearly take this very seriously. Alpacka takes fulfillment one step further with extra attention to detail. We are a partner and a resource for you, always ready to talk through your needs, provide recommendations and call on our resources when necessary. In addition, we can scale with you and help you grow your business.

Ready to discuss your fulfillment needs with us?