A Kitting & Fulfillment Center

We provide fast, efficient accurate fulfillment and kitting services tailored to your needs.

And... treat your products as if they were our own.

Alpacka has been an excellent 3PL partner for us.

They are efficient and accurate. Most recently, they helped us research and implement efficiencies that saved us thousands of dollars on one of our kitting / assembly projects. They're flexible and willing to make changes on the fly which is necessary for a high-growth start up like ours.

— HInge Health / Supply Chain

  • 3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

    Using state-of-the-art systems, we are perfectly positioned to handle every aspect of product distribution, so you can rest easy and concentrate on building your core business.

  • Leave the Fulfillment to Us

    Your products are handled with the utmost attention to detail, packed and shipped quickly and efficiently for the ultimate customer experience. From inbounding your products, to storage, to production (kitting / assembly), to quality control, to pick and pack and reverse logistics (returns processing), you have complete access to your project with the ability to track its progress every step of the way.

  • Proven Success in Fulfillment

    With a success rate of 99.8% -- which is higher than the industry standard of 97% -- Alpacka is a proven leader for speed and accuracy of order fulfillment.

We Can Scale With You

Helping you grow your business is part of our mission. Our infrastructure allows for fast and efficient growth. We’ve proudly served hundreds of organizations, including high growth start-ups, packaging companies, medical supply and device businesses and subscription based companies.

01. Stock

You send us the products to be shipped. We inventory and store them until it’s time for their departure.

02. Pick

Once your orders get sent to us through your shopping cart or CSV file, we carefully scan and select the items to be included in each order.

03. Pack

Your products are meticulously packed to ensure their safe arrival.

04. Ship

We ship and monitor each package until it reaches its destination.

Expert Kitting and Assembly Services

Full-service kitting and assembly of your products.

We’re experts in kitting and assembly. From a simple one-and-done kitting project to complex multi-sku assembly jobs, our experienced staff will manage your project from start to finish to ensure accuracy and to create the best possible impression of you to your customer.

Here's Just One Example

We support a subscription based health company. We assemble, kit, and quality check 9 unique kit variations each week. Each kit requires multiple sub-assemblies. We deploy 20,000+ units each month to 20,000+ locations.

In the heart of Silicon Valley...

Alpacka brings the Best of 3PL to the Bay Area and Beyond

Meet Al

Our Beloved Mascot

Al is our amazing mascot. He's fun. He’s fabulous. And he reminds us every day of the “heart” side of our fulfillment company...The care that goes into every package and project we handle, every day.

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