Work From Home Gifts -3 Reasons To Prioritize

Everybody enjoys receiving gifts. While the gift’s actual contents do matter, receiving one in the first place is a pleasant experience. It demonstrates that the giver considers and cares for you. Now think about the impact that giving and receiving work from home gifts might have in the company. (A commonly used abbreviation is WFH)

Occasionally giving your staff gifts can greatly enhance your work atmosphere. After all, a company’s success mostly comes from its employees! Here are some advantages of gifting your employees’ gifts, from fostering unity to making important occasions extra-meaningful. WFH gift, Welcome Gifts, Swag Bags, Holiday presents, corporate gifts – whatever you call it, the process is important. Retention and stickiness for your whole team. Thoughtful gifts make a difference.

We recently packed up gifts for a wonderful company. They noticed that all the team members loved drinking coffee during the morning meeting. A savvy executive assistant thought about sending an Ember brand self-heating coffee mug for everyone for the Fall. it was a huge hit!

Work From Home Gifts can make all the positive difference

As one blogger wrote : “Those of us who like to savor our morning coffee all know the disappointment of it going cold before we finish it. Or maybe your back-to-back Zoom meetings leave your afternoon tea neglected at the corner of your desk. The torture of microwaving it into mediocrity or worse, throwing it out, is eliminated with the Ember mug. The battery life keeps your drink at the same temperature for an hour and a half, so you can put down your tea, fix your kid’s virtual classroom glitch, and still relish those last few steamy sips.” What a great way to share work from home gifts !

Show Your Staff that the Company Values and Respects Them

Most people are familiar with what it’s like to work a job where they are not recognized or appreciated. During work from home settings, it’s even harder to know if you’re being acknowledged. Your hard work needs more attention given the reduced face-to-face communication opportunities. 

You definitely don’t want your workers to feel this way.

Your employees won’t be as productive if they have a bad opinion of your company. Additionally, you run the risk of having a high turnover rate, which is bad for any business.

The moral obligation to treat your staff with respect and appreciation is, of course, the main motivation, but also your reputation as a boss. Work from home gifts add class to your organization.

You may build a more cohesive team that comprehends the organization’s basic principles and feels really connected to their work and one another by offering personalized presents.

Unify Team Members Across Different Positions with Work From Home Gifts

The titles of “supervisor” or “manager” may intimidate some employees. This might make it challenging for everyone to get along. Gifts are a powerful tool for establishing new relations with your staff members and promoting positive working environments.

Employees will feel more assured and safer in their position if a manager gives them a present. For example, if your team has the same coffee mug to raise on a Zoom meeting! Or a quality mousepad to make work flow smoothly.

This is especially true if the presents are customized for them. Monograms are fun! Personalized presents demonstrate that you took the time to learn about the recipient, their lifestyle, or likes, etc.

Packaging is the first thing that your employees will see when they receive a gift as well, so choosing a company that can provide excellent kitting and assembly services for your thoughtful gift is equally important.

Make Special Moments

As we’ve already established, giving gifts at work will always raise spirits. This simple effort will provide priceless memories that will serve as a diversion from the daily work stress that is unavoidable. Your staff will undoubtedly notice if you make an effort to offer them time away from the paperwork and phone calls.

Having said that, it is imperative to choose customized presents over branded ones. Although branded presents are excellent for business gatherings and events, they are not a smart choice for personal celebrations. The emotional impact of a gift is a lot higher when it is clearly chosen with the receiver in mind. Your gift can also reflect partners of the company, or a recent success. Here are some in-depth thoughts from expert Keith Lipert. He writes “Corporate gift giving is truly an art, and when done correctly, it can build positive relationships. When you give a thoughtful gift, no matter the price, to your employees, board members, or clients, they’ll see the effort you put into the gift and feel appreciated.”

Another important quote from Keith reads: “Often, gifting is customary when two parties are coming together to build a relationship and no relationship is stable without trust. The underlying message of a perfectly crafted gift is to communicate thoughtfulness and sense of who you are as a person.”

Get Creative with Work from Home Gifts

We can think of plants, candles, socks, chocolate, candies, fancy pens, special coffee or tea, fancy soap. On a more tech level: high-end headphones, blue-blocking glasses, big cozy blankets, bluetooth speakers, post-it notes with initials. We can assemble it all for you!

Are you interested in adding a nice finishing touch to your handpicked gift? feel free to check out the past packing projects we’ve delivered for our clients.

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