What’s the Difference Between a Fulfillment Center and a Warehouse?

A warehouse and fulfillment center may seem like the same thing, especially given that they are both huge facilities that house inventory and goods for businesses. However, they have different purposes and serve different functions. Warehouses provide storage for businesses that require long-term housing for bulk inventory in huge quantities. Warehouses are often adapted for the kinds of products that they are storing.

How Working With A Shipping Warehouse Prevents Product Damage

When you purchase an item from a store, you can inspect the product for flaws and defects before you walk up to the counter to pay for it. If you do find a defect, you can always look for a replacement that meets your expectations. However, in the world of online shopping, customers are not afforded the luxury of physically inspecting a product before they buy it.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Logistics Provider

Good morning! I was speaking with my buddy, Carl, and we were talking about how difficult and confusing it can be to choose the right logistics management and order fulfilment service. Yet, logistics is critical to supply chain management.

4 Common Misconceptions About B2B E-commerce

Here are some very interesting facts about B2B e-commerce that we thought you might find intriguing. Since 2020, the B2B e-commerce channel has rapidly risen to the forefront and has replaced in-person sales as a major channel for many corporate buyers. Despite this, a lot of B2B organizations claim that “clients aren’t ready” and that “e-commerce is an immature market for enterprises like ours.” Here are four other misconceptions about B2B e-commerce that you should be aware of. B2B Customers Prefer In-Person Interactions Not necessarily. When given the option, McKinsey and Company found that two-thirds of business clients choose remote or digital versus in-person engagement.

3 Ways Using 3PL Logistics Can Improve Your Customer Service

The use of Third Party Logistics (3PLs) has improved the customer experience, according to 88% of shippers. This is based on a 2021 3PL Logistics Study done by Penske Logistics and Infosys. Furthermore, according to 76% of 3PL users, 3PLs offer fresh and creative approaches to enhancing logistics efficiency. The bottom line is, utilizing a third-party logistics provider (3PL) can assist you in enhancing customer service!