The 5 Best Gifts For People Who Work From Home

Hi! It’s Al:) I just finished sending out gifts to our 2 “remote” staff members! I feel amazing. Seriously… I’m not sure who is happier about the gifts, me or the recipients (Ha!). I absolutely LOVE sending gifts. Everybody enjoys receiving gifts. And while the actual gift kinda matters, it’s pretty cool just to receive a gift in the first place. It shows that the giver has thought about and cares about the receiver. The impact is really undeniable. It can be difficult, I’ve found, to figure out what to send, so I wanted to share with you some of the things we send our staff. How do you choose gifts for people who work from home?

A Houseplant Gift

A houseplant has the power to drastically enhance a workspace. A UK study also discovered that having one nearby increases productivity by 15%.

Plants can also improve the air quality of employees’ homes. Cleaning agents, paint, mold, and mildew are just a few of the items in our homes that contribute to air pollution, says Kathy Kennedy, a master gardener at Farm Chastain. Additionally, plants convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. Plants are a favorite gifts for people who work from home.

Headphones as Gift from working From Home

Long video conferences and phone calls can be made a little more bearable with a decent headphone. One with noise reduction will undoubtedly do the trick, especially if employees are attempting to complete their tasks in a crowded household.

If the recipient of your present does not already own a set of noise-canceling headphones or a standalone microphone, a two-in-one gadget can improve their voice quality in meetings, their ability to hear others on calls, and their ability to block out distracting noises.

A Permanent Scratchpad (to write a list of gifts for people who work from home)

During the course of our workdays, many of us need to jot down notes that we’ll refer to only once—things like conference-call numbers and takeout orders.

Instead of wasting paper and having sticky notes all over their desk, your gift recipient could have a lovely dry-erase clipboard to house all of that info and keep their desk neat.

A Scented Candle

For so many of us, work has evolved into a primarily 2D activity, so the physicality of a flickering flame feels weirdly grounding.

Scents can also help soothe the soul, especially during a post-work R&R session. Of course, what appeals to one person’s sense of scent may be unpleasant to another.

Depending on the worker’s priorities, the durable glass jar can also be utilized as a container for holding pencils or M&Ms once the candle has been burned.

A Laptop Cooling Pad

Anyone whose laptop starts to sound like an aircraft is taking off after working for about 15 min will find this handy. Multiple fans  are included into this one device to keep one’s computer calm, cool, and collected so they can work peacefully without too much disturbance.

A good gift is never complete without excellent packaging. Here at Alpacka, we specialize in kitting and assembly services to provide an excellent finishing touch for your handpicked gift. Check out the past packing projects we’ve delivered for our clients!



P.S. I’m available for gifts… let me know if you need my address;)

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Bonnie loves working from home and all her gifts!
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