5 Strategies to Optimize the Shipping Process

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, you have everything to gain from optimizing your shipping process. The way you deliver your products will have a major impact on the overall customer experience. Issues like delayed shipping, improper packaging, or even damaged products are surefire ways to damage your reputation and irk your customers. Optimize your shipping process and improve customer satisfaction by adopting the following strategies below.

Prioritizing Logistics Is Key in the Shipping Process

Poor logistics can ruin your shipping process. Knowing how to schedule and prioritize all of your shipments is vital but doing this manually is time-consuming and leaves room for human error. Fortunately, there are many types of software and services available to assist you in automating this process. Adopt these solutions to help you optimize the shipping process and use technology tools like voice commands and mobile scanners help increase efficiency.

Simplify the Picking Process

The picking process is heavily reliant on how inventory is organized. Employees may have difficulty locating merchandise if the sorting is complicated and disorderly. This intricacy may result in shipment delays, challenges with employee engagement, and even customer dissatisfaction. A great way to handle an extensive range of products is to employ inventory management software and services. Sifting through inventory becomes a breeze when you streamline the picking process; it also allows employees to work more efficiently, which will optimize all processes. Pick, Pack, Ship!

Invest in Packing Tools

Packing is a crucial part of the shipping process; ensuring that you have the best tools for packing will safeguard packages from damage during the shipping process. Poorly packed deliveries sealed with incorrect or improper materials may lead to complaints, returns, and exchanges. This will ultimately turn into additional expenses. Research and Invest!

Invest in the correct tools and train your personnel on effective product packaging. If you’re delivering large items, for example, invest in equipment like stretch wrappers to assist you speed up the process. Taking these steps to improve the customer experience will go a long way. It will show the high standards to which your company holds itself and help you maintain a strong brand reputation.

Invest in a Labeling System

Packages that arrive late or are returned may be the consequence of incorrectly written addresses or inadequate labeling. When you produce labels by hand, you leave yourself open to human error. This could quickly become rather expensive and time-consuming. Label, look, read.

Invest in an automated labeling system to improve the accuracy of your labels. The system prints shipping and return labels meticulously and efficiently so you can keep your accurate delivery promise to your customers.

Track Your Shipment

While you may not have control over what happens to the shipment after it is handed over to the delivery company, it’s always a good idea to utilize tracking software. This will give you frequent information on the status of your items during the delivery process to ensure its safe arrival at its final destination.

Many businesses choose to engage an order fulfillment company like Alpacka to manage inventory and shipping. On top of kitting and assembling your products and handling shipping, we offer a multitude of value-added services such as custom packaging and printing to help your business operate smoothly. Learn more when you reach out to us today!

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