How Gifts For Work-From-Home Employees Help Improve Their Productivity

Corporate gifting is crucial for demonstrating your concern for the people you work with. Because, let’s face it, without a little assistance along the road, no business can succeed! This holds true for the firm your business recently teamed up with for a future project as well as the staff members in your own workplace. You should want to express your gratitude to them for their assistance while also keeping up strong ties with your customers, agencies, and staff members. The great thing about choosing the right gifts for work-from-home employees is that it has the added benefit of helping improve their productivity. Here are 5 reasons why.

Increases Employee Morale

Corporate gifting helps foster a supportive workplace atmosphere. Positive corporate cultures foster good behavior and raise employee morale. Corporate gifts can raise morale and make staff feel valued when a company is going through a challenging peak period and all employees are battling burnout.

Academic literature on the psychology of generosity and gift-giving is a sizable subfield. Even if a gift isn’t perfect, effort and generosity are always valued. According to Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, letting workers know they are valued helps firms foster a sense of camaraderie and raise team morale. This can be done through the act of gift-giving.

Feeling Valued Makes One Work Harder

Everyone desires to feel valued. Nobody wants to work for a boss who doesn’t care about them and views them as interchangeable parts of a machine. According to a Glassdoor employee survey, gratitude motivates workers to work more. Employees who labor in fear of their supervisors have a far lower level of productivity than those who get praise.

Research from the survey showed that more than half (54%) of employees say they are driven to work more when their boss expresses appreciation for their efforts, compared to 38% who say the same about demanding bosses or 37% who say they are encouraged to work harder because they fear losing their jobs.

Gifts Make Work-from-Home Employees Happy

This is a universal truth. Receiving gifts makes employees, employers, business partners, or practically anyone happy. In fact, research says that giving gifts also increases happiness levels. Seeing other people’s smiles and hearing them saying thanks is a joy. This is a simple yet meaningful reason why companies give gifts to their employees.

When work-from-home employees are feeling delighted, they are more likely to work harder. Economists have tested this idea in a study. And they found it to be true. Happiness made the participants 12% more productive. They use their time more efficiently, performing tasks faster without compromising quality.

Gifting From the Workplace Lessens Stress

Employee burnout, health problems, and poor performance have all been linked to stress. An employee who is burned out is 63% more likely to call in sick, 2.6 times more likely to leave their current job, and even 23% more likely to go to the emergency department, according to a Gallop poll on the topic. 

Two possibilities exist for why gifts can ease employee stress. First of all, they divert workers’ attention from upsetting situations, even if it’s only for a little while. When you get a gift, your mind is freed from the daily grind or unpleasant work situations. Gifts that are thoughtful make employees feel that it’s alright to take a break for self-care and leisure.

Second, the advantages of gifting are multiplied if the gift itself has emotional impacts that have been demonstrated, like flowers, or a customized gift clearly chosen with work-from-home employees in mind.

Recommendations: Gifts For Work-From-Home Employees

Expressing your appreciation to your employees is hard when you are not seeing them physically in your office. That’s why you have to be more thoughtful with your gifts. Here are some of the ideas to help you find the perfect gift that is meaningful and suits your budget.

  • Custom care package: It may be 2022 already and the pandemic lockdowns feel like a thing of the past. Still, giving your remote employees care packages is a wise idea. It sends the message that you care about their health. Customize the care packages by adding the essentials such as hand sanitizers and home office supplies. Go beyond the norm and include something they can use for relaxation and entertainment, such as artisanal candles and fuzzy throw blankets.
  • Gift hampers: The holidays are just around the corner. Gift hampers are sure to be well-received by your employees. Inspire holiday cheers remotely by filling the baskets with delicious treats and festive gifts.
  • Tech gadgets: Whether your employees are techy or not, they will surely like receiving functional gadgets or items they can use while working from home. Some of the things you can put inside the box are power banks, noise-canceling earphones, self-heating mugs, neck pillows, cable organizers, and digital photo frames.

No gift is ever complete without excellent packaging to convey the sentiments of the giver. Here at Alpacka, we specialize in kitting and assembly services to provide the highest quality finishing touch for your handpicked gift. We also offer custom packaging, full-color labels, and card services to make your corporate gifts look more unique for your employees. We can even handle the delivery of your packages to your employees’ doorsteps. Check out the past packing projects we’ve delivered for our clients to learn more!

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