How Working With A Shipping Warehouse Prevents Product Damage

When you purchase an item from a store, you can inspect the product for flaws and defects before you walk up to the counter to pay for it. If you do find a defect, you can always look for a replacement that meets your expectations. However, in the world of online shopping, customers are not afforded the luxury of physically inspecting a product before they buy it. With this quality control procedure eliminated, the chances of purchasing a damaged product increase. Now, for business owners who ship their products in bulk, this problem is often amplified. That’s why it’s important to partner with a shipping warehouse.

Packages may sustain damage while in transit as a result of the shippers, poor handling, water exposure, and numerous other circumstances that could affect an order. Damaged goods are a major source of frustration for retailers because they frequently fall beyond their control. If the defective goods reach the hands of a paying customer, customer satisfaction, and in turn, the brand’s reputation is at stake.

While replacing damaged goods is an option, the costs associated with doing so are often high. In addition to the hassle of it all, merchants have to consider the price of the unsalable inventory itself and the transportation costs involved in returning the damaged item to the retailer and replacing it with a new shipment.

Fortunately, your goods are in safer hands in a shipping warehouse, where a professional fulfillment company handles them with care. Here are five reasons why working with a shipping warehouse prevents products from damages.

Packing and Fulfillment Experts in a Shipping Warehouse Take Care of All Your Packing Needs

Choosing a box or mailer for the product that you sell is an important step that many business owners neglect. The size, shape, and material of the packaging you choose go a long way in affecting the shipping process.

For example, if you choose a box or mailer that is significantly larger than the product that was ordered, it is more likely that your product will move around during shipping. In addition, if the packaging lacks padding or cushioning, the likelihood that the product suffers damages increases.

If you want to avoid all the troubles that come with choosing the right packaging and purchasing accompanying packing supplies, working with a professional fulfillment company is the way to go.

A professional fulfillment company takes care of all your packing and shipping needs. A reliable fulfillment service company will bring the product to the pack station and prepare your package with care per your specifications.

At Alpacka, our committed, highly-qualified kitting crew is trained to troubleshoot and perform quality control at every stage of the process, evaluating the product and its packaging to ensure that it complies with your specifications. With a professional team that treats your item like its own, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Products in a Shipping Warehouse are Protected from Humidity and Rain Damage

When products are shipped without any measures in place to protect the parcel, damages are bound to happen. These damages might result from environmental factors such as temperature changes or bad weather. Unexpected rain can also harm the shipment and its contents if it is left outside the recipient’s house.

Additionally, when exposed to wide changes in temperature and humidity, trailers and containers are highly susceptible to excessive condensation build-up. This could result in warping, corrosion, or mold, ruining products.

Products in a shipping warehouse are protected from such harsh weather elements. When they are handled by a reputed fulfillment company thereafter, extra care is also taken to ensure that the package arrives as safely and quickly as possible to your happy customer.

Technology and Automation Ensure Consistency and Safety

Most shipping warehouses employ the use of algorithms and proprietary software for various purposes. For example, technology is used to ensure that your orders will have uniform packaging and pricing. Software is also used to look at product dimensions and your packaging preferences to determine the best package size for any order combination.

Technology is also used to prevent stolen or lost goods. Even though theft isn’t deemed as “damage,” your company nevertheless faces high replacement costs when your goods are stolen. At Alpacka, for example, once you’ve decided to let us handle your fulfillment, we set up your project in our system to meet your strict requirements. We work out a plan with you to keep your goods at our storage facility until you’re ready to ship them.

Your products are thoroughly traced from the moment they enter our plant until they are on their way to your clients, allowing us to know and you to see where everything is at all times.

A Reliable Shipping Logistics Provider Prioritizes Their Employees

In every workplace, safety is crucial. At Alpacka, we value everyone’s safety, including drivers, vehicles, products, and employees. We ensure that every employee has received the necessary training and is in the best shape to handle all your products safely and professionally.

Good Communication and Customer Service Prevent Mishaps

A successful supply chain system thrives on excellent communication. Customer service should be a top priority for your logistics provider, who should also address client concerns and give timely, correct information. Even if a logistics service is good, urgent issues that need an immediate solution could nonetheless occur. This demand should be acknowledged by the logistics provider you select, and they should be equipped to meet it at any time.

There’s no doubt about it – damaged goods cost businesses money. If you’d like to avoid landing yourself in a situation where you have to deal with damaged goods, work with a reliable shipping warehouse.

At Alpacka, our packing and fulfillment experts and cutting-edge technology take care of every aspect of packing and shipping so you can focus on growing and scaling your business.

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